In-app purchase /Shop for me

The US, UK & Turkey online stores you want to shop from don't accept your card? Do not worry! Our 'Shop for Me' service here for you. We can buy on your behalf and send your package to your door with the best shipping rate.

  • Submit an order and give the URL of the product you want at the description part!
  • Pay the order and let us buy from your favorite stores on your behalf.
  • Enjoy shopping with Kreenex from the stores that do not accept your card.

Store & Forward

Do you need a reliable service to receive, store and forward merchandise you buy from USA and UK to your door?

  • No fees to receive packages, you only pay when you ship.
  • Free storage
  • Discounted shipping rates with best major carriers

Kreenex goals to provide the better package forwarding services cheapest and fastest to all Iraqi shoppers. Kreenex provides FREE USA, UK & Turkey addresses to the Iraqi shoppers. Kreenex customers shop from US, UK & Turkey online retail stores and get them shipped for free to our warehouses and store as FREE. There are no hidden fees to receive packages; you only pay when you ship! We forward your packages with the discounted shipping rates by major carriers to your door. We offer fast, reliable, and efficient package forwarding to your door.


Our lowest shipping rates help you to save even more! Consolidate your packages, and do not ever feel like you are taking a taxi alone. Reduce your shipping charges by only selecting packages to be shipped at the same!

  • Ship one parcel alone, pay the base cost.
  • Ship two together, pay 30% less shipping
  • Consolidate even more, save up to 50%

Avoid base costs of international shipping with Kreenex. You do not have to pay for the base cost for each package at Kreenex. It is a FREE service that allows you to save up to 50%. The more package you sent, the more you saved! Do not get the purchases you bought from different stores and pay the base cost for each! Sign up with Kreenex and enjoy international shipping while saving with your every shipment! When you ship internationally more than one package with Kreenex, the shipping cost per package will decrease with the increase in the number of packages you send. Kreenex will deliver your packages at once to your door and let you save up to 50%.


Saving big is possible with our repacking service! Shop freely from different online stores and let us combine your purchases into one bigger box! We make sure your items are shipped in proper packaging.

  • Every item will be shipped individually, and shipping costs will be charged for each package
  • We will repack your items into one bigger box and avoid unnecessary spaces and trash
  • Save on our repacking service by reducing the weight and dimensions of your packages

Kreenex will let you use the warehouse to collect packages from different retailers. as FREE storage, you will have plenty of time to collect packages from different online stores. Once your purchases have arrived in our warehouse, we combine your packages and efficiently re-package them, saving you up to 85% on international shipping costs. We will take care of the rest until you receive your package at your doorstep. Do not forget that your packages can be combined only if they are at the same warehouse!

Package Return Service

Do not worry, just let us know if you want to return the item to the seller. Done!

How to Request 'Package Return' Service
  • Send us e-mail or contact us for return request.
  • Our customer service will reach you out about what need to be done.
  • Pay 4.50 $ for the return process.
  • Do not forget that you need to provide the return label for Kreenex so we can return your item to vendor.